CCTV Maintenance

  • Routine Inspection & Scheduled Maintenance CCTV Systems to British Standard 7958 : 2005
  • Routine Inspection & Scheduled Maintenance of Monitored CCTV Systems to British Standard 8418 : 2003

CCTV For Business

With the significant deterrence factor behind digital video security, the findings of the British Chambers of Commerce Business Crime Survey that "CCTV security systems are considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime", is no surprise. Indeed, the use of CCTV video security systems is now widespread and is a key tool in the fight to reduce crime and protect public areas.

In addition, with continuing development within the video security industry, CCTV systems can now be linked between businesses, local police and fire authorities. These leading-edge security developments put a further seed of doubt within the mind of would be criminals.

All in all, CCTV security systems provide high levels of security, leaving business owners reassured and with increased peace of mind.